We are having a Sniff-n-Go  (ScentWork Run Throughs) May 23rd at the training building. 1155 Alpha Drive, Alpharetta.

$3 per run or 3 runs for $5
Atlanta members $1 a run (members that are going to work the AKC Regional trial in Perry in July, will get to run for free)

Pay at the event.

Time is 9:30am – 1:30pm


Novice container

Novice buried

Excellent container

Advanced Interior

We will run all container and buried before Advanced Interior.

You will enter the front door and exit the back door of the building. Handlers will stay in their car/parking lot until their run. One handler and dog only will be allowed in the area of the hides. Handlers and dogs on deck will be positioned in the lobby.

We expect everyone to adhere to the social distancing rules and keep at least 6 feet between you. Masks should be worn while on the premises but you may remove it during your run. The “judge” and helpers will be wearing masks.

Let’s have some fun with our dogs!