We Would Love to Have You Join!

Interested in Joining the Club?

We warmly welcome visitors who are interested in learning more about our club.  Come and join us for a meeting or an event, meet some of our members and discover how much enrichment the sport of purebred dogs can bring to your life in the form of sport, enjoyment and  new friendships with fellow dog enthusiasts.

We have many members in the Atlanta area who are dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs. Interests as varied as agility, field trials, lure coursing, herding, tracking, conformation, obedience and therapy keep our club meetings and activities fun and interesting.

Membership in the Atlanta Kennel Club is by application, election, and payment of a $7.50 initiation fee and annual dues of $20 for adult members and a one-time initiation fee of $7.50 for junior members. You must attend a meeting or one of our events to obtain an application and  your application must be sponsored by two club members in good standing that have known you for a minimum of three months. Our club by-laws also require your application to be published in the monthly newsletter and  you must attend one meeting in which your name is read before the general membership.

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Meeting Information can be found here.