AKC has announced their AKC Rally® Novice Virtual Pilot Program, which means you can now obtain your Rally Novice title virtually.  The Atlanta Kennel Club would like to help you achieve that title.

This is a great opportunity for exhibitors that either don’t have a good place to set up the Rally course, don’t have all the equipment, or would just like to run the course in a competition ring environment.

We will have the Virtual Rally Courses set up at the Atlanta Kennel training building from 9am to 1pm on the dates listed below.

Rally Courses:

August 29 – Course 1

September 6 – Course 2

September 19 – Course 3

$15 for 15 minutes; must pre-register via email.

Send Tamara an email and let her know which day you wish to run a course.  She will send you a registration form and assign you a time so we can keep the number of people at the building at one time at a minimum.   [email protected].

Let’s have some fun and put some titles on our dogs!