What’s Next


Thursday (all classes–8 weeks)

7PM         What’s Next         $135 ($125 members)


Introducing our new innovative class, What’s Next, at 7 pm on Jan 9, led by Cari Wingert.
Fee is 135.00, limit of 7 teams.  


  What’s Next?

This 8-week class is designed to give owners a small taste of the many areas you can connect, train, enjoy, and even compete with your dog in.   Each week is designed to provide the Team (dog & handler) with activities at the Novice level that can easily translate into games or exercises you can engage your dog in at home or on the road to help with stress, bad weather, or life changes.  Some sports dogs come to naturally, and will do these with little or no effort, there are some they will do with a little encouragement, and there are some they will flat out refuse.  With the exposure you get in this course, you can decide what areas you may like, and you will get a glimpse of what areas your dog may like.

To register, fill out registration form (click here for form ). You may register electronically by emailing the form to maryellenmacke@gmail.com and go to the Events page (click here) to pay via Paypal (there is an additional charge of $5 to cover fees if paying via Paypal). Otherwise print the registration form and mail along with a check to cover the fees as per the above schedule to Mary Ellen Macke, 13275 Cogburn Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004.
Proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to the first class, email or mail to one of the addresses above, or bring to the first class.