Trick Dog

7:15 PM  WEDNESDAY (All Classes 6 Weeks)
This class will be combined with the CGC class and you will test for both Trick Dog and CGC classes at the end of the session.

7:15 PM  Trick Dog and CGC   Includes Tests     $180 

*AKC Trick Dog Testing All Levels

*DMWYD Trick Dog Testing Available Soon

TRICK DOG CLASS  Instructor:  Anita L Tate   Academy Dog Sports, LLC

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Join me for a fun Trick Dog Class.  We will discover your dogs talents and teach him/her fun behaviors.

Trick Dog can be useful anywhere.  It can be used as a distraction behavior, a fun stress breaker at dog shows, performance for friends and family and much much more.

Trick Dog allows you to tap into all types of learning & skills with freedom to choose your own area of focus. Trick Dog uses skills in Tricks Training, Obedience, Basic Agility, Disc Dog, Scent Work Conditioning and Dog Problem Solving.

This program is an ongoing program based on Positive Reinforcement and Training Techniques.  You will learn to utilize 5 ways to Elicit Behaviors as well as Marker Training and Chaining, Luring, Modeling, Mimicking, Capturing and Shaping and more.

This Class will let you choose a path to all levels of Trick Dog Testing and/or Performance.
AKC acknowledges titles from Do More with your Dog also. We will train for both AKC and DMWYD

*My dogs are at the AKC Performance Level and DMWYD Experts