Yesterday, the Board of Directors of the Georgia Fairgrounds (a board appointed by the governor), made
the decision to keep the Fairgrounds closed until the first of July. This is one week after our show would
have ended. I was told that they looked at every event that was scheduled and made the decision to
cancel anyway. It is with a heavy heart for the people who work at the fairgrounds, the people of Perry
who depend on the fairgrounds for their income and for all the exhibitors who were so excited to return
to showing their dogs. I have asked them to reconsider and to reopen one week earlier in order to
accommodate our show. I do not believe that is going to happen.
Those of you who know the people of the Atlanta Kennel Club and the Valdosta Kennel Club know that
we NEVER give up and we NEVER quit. Consequently, I have booked the Jonesboro Rd. Show Site for
October 14-18 for the cluster show. I can’t tell all of you have very proud I am of all of the work of our
entire committee. I also value and appreciate the willingness of the members of the Valdosta Kennel
Club to join us in Atlanta for this great adventure in October. I ask that you continue your good thoughts
and support.

Mary Ellen Macke,
Cluster Chair